Pre-Dinner Nibbles: Menu and Quote

Cocktail Party, Canapes, Hors d’oeuvre

Pre-Dinner Nibbles is just that! We do all the work, cooking, serving, washing, cleanup & rubbish. There is the option of pre-dinner nibbles on the booking form of our Fully Catered Buffet Packages.

Pre-Dinner Nibbles
are served for approximately one hour and consist of 3 baked pieces and 3 fried pieces of food per guest as shown below. Please see the booking form to select your choice. We arrive approximately ½ an hour prior, serve your guests, have about a ½ hour break then start your main course. This is very popular with weddings while the photos are being taken. All served main meals have the option of pre-dinner nibbles on the booking form.

Baked Foods made by us
Home made sausage rolls, with tomato sauce.
Pastry dogs, your favorite hot dog wrapped in puff pastry with mustard,capsicum & cheese.
Pizza subs, a great variety of toppings on toasted French sticks available for meat eaters & vegetarians.
Baby Quiches, made right here by us at our shop. Many varieties available from ham & cheese to vegetarian.
Savoury meatballs, cooked balls of mince with carrot, capsicum, onion, herbs & spices.
Specialty pies, the size of muffins, again cooked by us . Two varieties available including beef & veg & chicken & veg.
Croquets, two varieties available. One is with garlic & cheese the other is with curry and rice.
Curry vegetable rolls & vegetarian rolls, both very popular and are a mix of pumpkin, corn, potato, peas, onion, carrot etc wrapped in puff pastry.
Pastie rolls, mince beef, potato, carrot, peas, corn, onion, wrapped in puff pastry.
Tasty potato balls, mash potato rolled in bread crumbs and filled with either bacon and onion or parmesan cheese.

Deep fried foods


Calamari Rings

Mini Spring Rolls

Prawn Cutlets

Chicken Satay Balls

Mini Dim Sims

Hash Browns

Savoury Meat balls

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Strips


Fish Bites

Battered Potato Wedges

Vegetarian Nuggets

Cheesy balls

Potato Gems


Prices for pre Dinner Nibbles; 20-40 heads: $11.50 per head, 41+ heads: $10.50 per head

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