Rocking Rolls ™

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Pulled Roast with Salads in our unique Bread Cradle!

Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate, any fun event!

We make our own fresh salads!

Shredded Lettuce
Diced Beetroot
Brown Rice Salad with Sweet Potato, Zucchini, Pepitas, parsley, salt, pepper and a dash of Olive oil.
Sliced Cheese

OR upgrade your salads by swapping a salad for 50c per head or adding a salad for $1.00 per head

Cous Cous
Vegetarian Salad
Fried Rice Salad
Bean Salad

All Rocking Rolls come with pulled roast meats in their own gravy with salads. These unique rolls are the best for eating while standing, by initially using a biogradable fork you don't make a mess and there are no wrapppings! Ideal for provding a filling meal without chairs and tables. The large rolls, meat and salad are 75% the size of a meal. The prices below are for the large, there is option for the small size on the booking form which are about 70% of the cost of the large. Any queries please call and ask! 9729 9111

Simple, no fuss and easy! The pulled roast in gravy consists of roast stock, flavouring with herbs and spices, for details please see our ingredients page.

There is a percentage of meats with separate gravy for those with special dietary needs.



Head Count Range Pickup "Self Serve Kit" Same Food, save the cost of staff! "Set up and Go" Same Food, Pulled Roasts, salads prepped, buffet set up. You Self Serve. "Fully Catered" Full buffet service, staff serve for 1 hour, better presentation,clean up etc
15-20 $12.00 $14.00 $16.00
21-30 $11.00 $13.00 $15.00
31-100 $10.00 $12.00 $14.00
101-150 $9.50 $11.50 $13.50
151-500 $9.00 $11.00 $13.00
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Pick any one roast from Beef, Pork or Chicken. Any 2 roasts add 50c per head, any 3 add $1.00 per head. Minimum order is 15 Large Rolls.

Free Tip! “Pick ups” and “Set up and Go" have the advantage of serving when you are ready, great at casual functions.

The Roast stays beautifully hot for at least 2 hours from pick up.
Salads are made freshly by us and supplied in disposable Salad Trays.
Good Quality Disposable Salad Servers, Tongs and Ladel are included!

At “Fully Catered” functions our staff must set up at your nominated time.

The more people attending your function the more variety of roasts are available at additional cost.

When filling out our booking form please select a maximum of: 2 varieties of roast for 15 to 24 heads 3 varieties of roast for 25 and over

This quote is accurate in price and goods and is valid until the 21/1/2019 subject to availability and our terms and conditions.

GST included and Staff when served. We guarantee there are no extra charges other than our travel fee when served on site. Travel Charges