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Marinated Roast Beef, Pork, Lamb and Chicken. Scollop potatoes, choice of salads, china plates and cutlery.

The meal is presented beautifully buffet style with us carving your roast and serving the meats onto the plates at the end of the banquet. We use china plates, stainless cutlery, candles, flower and vine decorations. The best of everything!

Roast Meats

– Roast Beef lightly rubbed with herbs and spices
– Leg of pork rolled off the bone with golden crackle
– Leg of lamb rolled off the bone lightly rubbed with garlic and rosemary
– Marinated Chicken fillets

A choice of 2 meats for over 25 heads, three meats for over 40 heads, four meats for over 81 heads

Salads Your choice of home made salads From 20 to 30 heads- Greek salad + select any two salads 31 to 40 heads – Greek salad + select any three salads 41 heads and over Greek salad + select any 4 salads 

Potato Salad
Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Fried Rice salad
Bean & carrot garlic toss
Margaret’s Rice Salad
Chicken pasta salad
Bean Salad
Waldorf Salad
Do you have a family favourite? Please ask!


Hot Vegetables

Peas with a dash of mint sauce
Sliced carrots with a dab of honey
Baked cauliflower in white sauce and golden brown cheese
Baked Roast Pumpkin pieces
Greek toss salad.

Either choice of Salads or Hot Vegetables includes:

Hot scollop potatoes with cream, golden brown cheese, onion and bacon pieces and Bakery rolls in white ,brown and multigran. Warm damper. Home made gravy, shredded cheese, butter portions,

Crackle and Apple Sauce when pork ordered, mint sauce, horse radish, mustard, chutney and toothpicks.

Adult serve size prices below include staff and GST

20-30 heads: $33.50 per plate, 31-60 heads: $31.00 per plate,  61-80 heads: $29.50 per plate, 81-100 heads: $29.00 per plate,

101-150 heads: $28.50 per plate, 151 to 200 heads: $28.00 per plate,

201+ Please Enquire

Babies 0-4yrs 1/4 serve for $8.75 per plate

Kids 5-9yrs 1/2 serve for $17.00 per plate

This quote is accurate in price and goods and is valid until the 21/1/2019 subject to availability and our terms and conditions.

GST included and Staff when served. We guarantee there are no extra charges other than our travel fee when served on site. Travel Charges

Available with this menu:
Upgrade to Quality China and Stainless Steel cutlery
You can select these options on the booking form!