Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken with Salads or Hot Vegetables, Potatoes and more!

Birthday, Engagement, Corporate, Wedding.

A menu and budget to suit every occasion!

Our Packages can be provided for "Pick Up",  "Presented for Self Serve" or "Fully Catered"

Pick Up Spit Roast

Pick Up Self Serve Kit

Same Food, save the cost of staff! Collect the order from our Bayswater Kitchen and Self Serve!

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Budget catering Melbourne

Set up and Go

Same Food, the Roast is already carved, salads or Veg prepped.
We set up your buffet on site.
You need a volunteer per 40 heads to serve.

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Spit Roast Catering Melbourne

Fully Catered

Full Buffet service. We carve in front of your guests, the buffet table is well presented, guests come for seconds, we clean up and leave left over food in trays. You dont have to do anything!

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